Ed Pastor Elementary

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Student of the Month

Congratulations August Patriots!


STUDENT of the month


Miss Cano am

Adrian Perez

positive role model

Mrs. Noriega am

Hector Segovia Torres

willingness to learn

Mrs. Nuñez

Galilea Lizarraga

improvement in all areas

Miss. Delgado

Cesar Arredondo Felix

Great role model

Mrs. Yanez

Matias Carballido Torres

great role model

Mrs. Renteria

Brenda Lopez Arballo

for going above and beyond

Mrs. Hill

Jose Gomez

always being on task

Ms. Guerrero

Grecia Olivarria

being a great role model

Miss. Avila

Jose Robles Santacruz

Great role model

Ms. Porras

Bruno luna

Follows the 3 B's

Miss .Villa

Armando Pulido

Great role model

Mrs. Santos

Aydalee Cuen

gret role model

Mrs. Buchanan

Maria Ochoa

gret role model

Ms. Vallles

Raul Ulloa

being a great role model

Mr. Gonzalez

Alessandra Casas

being a great role model

Mrs. Reyes

Ilse Castillo

Great role model

Ms. Uriarte

Santiago Gil

following rules and always on task

Mrs. Patron

Camila Buchanan

great role model

Miss. Cano  pm

Alexia santos

being a great role model

Mrs. Noriega  pm

Alyna Gutierrez

Great role model

Mrs. Figueroa

Natalia Mata

best typing score

Mr. Castro

Sheccid Buchanan